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KNMI: Verwachting voor vandaag en morgen

Zon en buien wisselen elkaar vandaag af, kleine kans op onweer

Vandaag zijn er perioden met zon,maar komen er verspreid over het land ook enkele buien soms met onweer voor. De middagtemperatuur ligt rond 18 graden. De wind wordt westelijk en matig, in het Wadden- en IJsselmeergebied (vrij) krachtig.

Vannacht is er More

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Where Can't You Fly A Kite In London?

Photo: Barney Moss

Autumn’s here and with it comes a stiff breeze or two — so perfect kite-flying weather then.

We were going to bring you a list of the best places in London to fly a kite*, but that just seemed too obvious. Instead, we looked at the places in More

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Don't Panic! These People Aren't Drowning

If you’re walking along the Thames foreshore at Vauxhall and spot heads poking up in the water, don’t leap in or call the RNLI — it’s an installation by Jason deCaires Taylor for the Totally Thames festival.

Four horses (with heads shaped like oil drills) and their riders have been More

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Walkie Talkie Wins Crappy Building Award

The much derided Walkie Talkie skyscraper has received the highest dishonour that may be bestowed upon a building: the Carbuncle Cup. Each year, a panel of architectural critics takes nominations for the country’s most woeful new structures. The panel presumably had no difficulty in selecting this year’s winner, given More